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Exhibition Opens at Fullerton Museum Center, Fullerton, CA, January 2023
with Emotional Reception. Former Detainees in Attendance
including Joyce Kilmer, one of Adams subjects, &
Mary Nomura, "Songbird of Manzanar"



MANZANAR: THE WARTIME PHOTOGRAPHS OF ANSEL ADAMS features fifty photographs by Ansel Adams of the Japanese American relocation camp in Manzanar, California, during World War II. These photographs were the subject of his controversial book Born Free and Equal, published in 1944 while the war was still on, protesting the treatment of these American citizens. Also included in the exhibition are more than twenty-five various photographs, documents, and works of ar that further record this era.

Adams's Manzanar work is a departure from his signature style of landscape photography. Although a majority of the photographs are portraits, the images also include views of daily life, agricultural scenes, and sports and leisure activities.

Robert Flynn Johnson, Curator Emeritus, Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, in his essay for the exhibition writes, “This exhibition recounts one of the darkest moments in the history of the United States, one that the distinguished author John Hersey referred to as ‘a mistake of terrifyingly horrible proportions.’ It is a story of ignorance and prejudice, but also a story of perseverance and nobility. What happened should never be forgotten so that it should never happen again.” Johnson continues, “This is not only an art exhibition, a history lesson, or a study in race relations; it is all three. My hope is that it educates us about an unfortunate moment in our country’s history that must be better understood. It also should serve as a warning as to what can occur when emotion and fear overwhelm clarity and courage.”

These Adams Manzanar photographs from 1943 were shown in the exhibition BORN FREE AND EQUAL: An Exhibition of Ansel Adams Photographs, organized by the Fresno Metropolitan Museum of Art, History and Science in 1984 and are later prints from the original negatives in the Library of Congress.

An eight page brochure has been designed for the exhibition.

The exhibition is available for circulation through 2026 The exhibition is presented in Memory of Shizuo Tsujihara, and organized by Photographic Traveling Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA.


To further enchance the subject the following
addtional photographs, documents and works of art
are also included:

  • 1 vintage photograph by Ansel Adams - "A Photograph of Yosemite", ca. 1938, vintage gelatin silver print

  • 3 reproductions of Dorthea Lange photographs of Japanese-Amercan relocation

  • 1 anonymous photograph of Dorthea Lange in the act of photographing Japanese-Americans being evacuated

  • 1 watercolor of a camp by an internee

  • 1 original 1942 poster announcing the "Civilian Exclusion Order" that announced
    the need for Japanese-Americans on the West Coast to be rounded up to be sent
    away to be imprisoned

  • 7 original magazine covers and 1 poster which document the virulent anti Japanese attitutde present at the time. These reflect the emotional underpinnings and hysteria
    that led President Roosevelt to issue the "Civilian Exclusion Order"

  • 1 watercolor by Henry Minakata of one of the Relocation Camps 3 original drawings
    by the famous artist, Chiura Obata, who was imprisoned in the Topaz Camp

  • 3 original photographs:

    - Japanese attack Peal Harbor, Baldwin H Ward [U S , 20th century] 7:55 A M ,
    December 7th , 1941

    - Honolulu Star Bulletin December 7th , 1941

    - A policeman frisks one of the Japanese-Americans arrested in round up which
    followed Japan's declaration of war on the United States, Norfolk,
    Virginia, December 8th, 1941
The exhibition has been featured
in numerous news articles including:

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Exhibition Loan Information


80 works in total

- 50 Ansel Adams photographs (framed size 16 x 20)

- 1 Ansel Adams vintage photograph of Yosemite

- 27 various photographs, documents and works of art

- 7 text panels

- detailed wall labels

Curater, Robert Flynn Johnson,
Curator Emeritus, Achenbach Foundation,
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
8 page gallery guide
Space Req:
150 – 200 running feet approx.
Loan Fee:
On request
Exhibitor responsible
Exhibitor responsible
Appropriate security

Photographic Traveling Exhibitions
Tel: 310 397 3098


Exhibition Schedule
as of 01/20/23


Jan 4 – March 29
Jundt Art Gallery, Gonzaga University,
Spokane, WA

December 15, 2014 – May 3, 2014
Palm Springs Air Museum,
Palm Springs, CA


May 21 – August 21
Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum
Saginaw Valley State University
University Center, MI

September 15 – January 15, 2016
Skirball Museum
Los Angeles, CA


February 9 - August 5
The Holocaust Museum
Dallas, TX


January 11 - March 10
California Center for the Arts
Escondido, CA


February 1 - May 3
Citadelle Art Foundation
Canadian, TX

May 22 - September 7
Fenimore Museum
Cooperstown, NY


April 5 - July 21
Fenimore Art Museum
Cooperstown, NY

August 21 – October 31
Upcountry Historical Museum
Furman University


February - September
Museum of Sonoma County
Santa Rosa, CA


Jan 15 - April 15
Fullerton Museum Center
Fullerton, CA

May 1- December 31



AnchorFor additional information or to schedule dates contact:

Tel: 310 397 3098 

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